Our Dogs

Meet our gang…


The following are our current dogs – not all of our dogs are able to go to a home . Some of them where a subject to abuse and find it very hard to trust again. Others were never properly socialized as puppies, and are still wary of humans. However they are all up for sponsoring.

If you are interested in adopting a dog please call the Sanctuary for more information.

Any adult dog adopted from our sanctuary qualifies for free visits at Happy Paws Clinic, Marsa.

All of our dogs are vaccined, neutered and micro chipped.

Anyone who would like to adopt a dog will have to sign a contract, this is to ensure that dog will go to a loving family and a great home. Most of our dogs suffered from malnutrition, abuse, abandonment and much more so we would like them to go into a new life where they never have to experience such days again. Also a donation will be asked for when adopting the dog NOT because we sell our dogs but to help us with our daily expenses.


Pippa was homed to a family when she was a puppy. She had always been very nervous and not to happy with people touching her. But, living with a family, she was a happy dog and bonded well with her ‘mama’. However, when she was 5 years old her family decided to return Pippa to the sanctuary.

Poor Pippa was heartbroken… she refused her food and would not let anybody touch her. Little by little we started gaining her trust. She is much better now, but we still can’t put a lead on her, and we cannot pick her up or try to home her. She comes to us and wags her tail, but will not trust anyone to do anything else. Poor Pippa’s fate is to live her life at the sanctuary.

DSCN9422 Yvette

Yvette was brought in to the sanctuary with her mum and dad. She was about 7 months old at the time. Before being brought in she used to live on the streets eating scraps of food she could find. Her parents we very friendly and soon found a home. Yvette on the other hand is the scared type of dog. Just like Pippa, she comes to us to greet us, wags her tail, eats from our hands, but that is as far as she goes. She still won’t accept having a lead put on or go out for walks. But at least she will allow us the volunteers to pick her up and stays on our lap for cuddles. The sanctuary will be her home and will be with Pippa for the rest of her life.


Rio was found roaming outside with a choke chain tied around his neck. It was so tight that it was very difficult to remove. Poor Rio still has the scar under his neck. On top of this he also had a bad ear infection which we treated immediately.

Rio likes to choose his friends. With regards to dogs he prefers the females and as for volunteers… there are a few who are not allowed in his pen!! With the rest he acts like a little puppy. He tends to guard his pen, and when he is out on his runs no visitors are allowed as he will also guard the premises. He goes for walks with one of the volunteers, whom he adores. Rio loves to play and lie on his back to be tickled on his tummy….

MEET THE RUNNERS …  Kimba and Barbi

These dogs are so called because they have the freedom to run around the sanctuary day and night. They are all friendly and sweet and get along with the other dogs as well as all humans.


Kimba is around 16 years old. Her first 14 years were spent in a room in a field with 4 other dogs. They ended up at the sanctuary when their owner had to give up the room he rented. Kimba is a friendly dog and has settled in well as a runner. She has a special claim to the kitchen, and has been known to scold some dogs who invade her territory, she loves all the volunteers and the treats we give her.

Barbie was a stray who settled down in a field where there were already some male dogs. Obviously, once she was on heat she soon became pregnant, and Barbie became the proud (and exhausted) mother of 12 beautiful puppies of various shapes and sizes. The owner of the field was happy to feed her along with his dogs, but he needed help in homing the pups. Barbie and her little ones were brought to the sanctuary, and the puppies stayed until good homes were found for them. Barbie was an excellent mother – so loving and patient! While Barbie was with us she changed from a scared dog to a loving one. She loves the volunteers but is still scared of  people unknown to her.  She is also scared to go out of the sanctuary and loud noises are her worst enemy. Barbie feels safe at the sanctuary.































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