About Us

The Island Sanctuary has been in operation for over 20 years, catering for the needs of stray and abandoned dogs in Malta, and is listed as a Charity Organisation – the organisation originated in 1986 on Manoel Island.

With the granting of an official lease to use Fort Tas-Silg, Delimara on 31st August 1991, the Animal Samaritans ( as previously known), re-located to a more suitable and beneficial environment and changed its name to “The island Sanctuary Association.

Registration Number 670171911 

VO registration number VO/0038

The Sanctuary is supported by the generous contributions of the public and a number of volunteers who dedicate their time to the running of the Sanctuary and the welfare of the numerous dogs within.
`The Island Sanctuary Association` is proud to be able to make a difference. Apart from the many dogs at the Sanctuary, we are also involved with numerous strays all over the island. Our members and friends care for many abandoned dogs, and we support them by neutering the dogs they care for.