Successful Stories

The following are Dogs that were adopted from The Island Sanctuary and now they are happily leaving in a home.

Gaia’s Story (aka Happy)

Happy the dog is a happy story. The Island Sanctuary provided Happy with a beautiful environment to recuperate from her starvation of food and love.

I fell In love with her from the very beginning both for the fact that she is a Springer Spaniel like Xaxa who I had to put down because of leukemia and for her liveliness. It did not perturb me to take her in even though she had sand fly because she is doing perfectly well with treatment.

A recent incident with Ehrlichia shook me to the core but with lots of medicines, help from the Vet, my friends and the Island Sanctuary particularly Michelle (the dog blood donor) from the sanctuary Happy is Happy again and she takes me for a walk again rather than me taking her.

So Gaia (her new name) is Happy frolicking, swimming and happily visits her friends regularly at the sanctuary.


Happy my everlasting friend, my Gaia, always Happy.

Marcelline Agius


Zepp’s Story

‘Following the death of one of our dogs, I was contacted by the Island Sanctuary that a dog had just been admitted there as I had left my contact details with the Sanctuary that I wanted to adopt another dog.

 Zepp entered our life on the 21st April 2011 and we have been so happy with him that it is impossible to imagine life without him. He is so boisterous and jovial, and has filled our lives with a lot of unconditional love. Zepp follows us around as if we are going to disappear from his life, a shadow, albeit a live one, almost like a real life soft toy.

 I gather that Zepp had led a very unhappy life before we decided to adopt him. He shows his gratitude to us every day by showering us with many, many kisses and a loving look in his big brown eyes.  He is a joy to have and I am very happy that we decided to give him another chance in life.

Thank you Island Sanctuary for helping us find another loving pet to fill up our lives.

Rosanne & family





Cisky (aka Simba)

The following successful story has been written by 2 children Gabriel 10yr old & Gloria 8yr old

My Pet Dog

My sister and I always wanted to have a pet dog. We didn’t care if it was a pure breed or a mutt. We just wanted to change a dog’s life from a not so happy one to a very happy one so my family and I decided to pay a visit to Dog Island Sanctuary located in Delimara which houses many homeless and neglected dogs. We observed all the dogs in the sanctuary but even though they all looked sweet and loveable

our favourite dog was a cute, black and brown, fluffy dog with floppy ears. She was a medium sized dog. She was very quiet and stared at us with sad looking brown eyes from the corner of her pen which she shared with a rather energetic dog who jumped and ran in the pen with excitement. Her big brown eyes seemed to put us in a trance to adopt her! A kind volunteer took her into an empty pen so we can get to

know the dog better. We followed him inside the pen. We realise that this was the perfect dog for our family and we decided to adopt the sweet dog. We took her to our house and she started exploring her new home. She seemed to like the sofa in the sitting room and the fridge in the kitchen. We named her Cisky. At night Cisky sleeps either with me or my sister. She looks very adorable when she is asleep(she looks like a little human). We count Cisky as a member of the family and we love each other equally. Our wish is that Cisky will remain with us forever.

Gabriel Grima

My Pet Dog

I have a dog named Cisky and she is about six years old.  I met Cisky when I was with my family visiting the dog sanctuary at Delimara.

I loved Cisky the first mo

ment I set my eyes on her.  She was sweet, quiet and very smart not like the other dogs who shared her pen.  The others were all pushing to get a stroke or a treat but she sat at the back looking with longing eyes.  We adopted Cisky the following week and she became an important member of our family.  Every morning I give food to Cisky and make sure she has fresh water.  I always give a lovely treat to Cisky before I go to school.  When I go back home Cisky welcomes me with wet kisses all over my face.  After I do my homework I play with Cisky

and cuddle her for some time.  Before Cisky was admitted at the sanctuary she had a tough life because she was badly treated.  Now we are doing our best to give Cisky a happy life.

Gloria Grima