Appreciation: Mrs. Margaret Preziosi

Posted at May 02, 2013

Appreciation:  Mrs. Margaret Preziosi   Mrs. Preziosi, a benefactor and a true friend! Humble, Gentle, Honest, Caring, Faithful, Animal Lover and above all a devoted wife!  These words say it all. With these qualities, all those who, like me and my colleagues,  were lucky to get to know her and those who didn’t, can realiseRead more

Island Sanctuary Dog Walk

Posted at Apr 09, 2013

  Spring is here with fresh breath in the air and a lovely walk in the country is something that everyone enjoys and looks forward to on Sunday, especially when you own a dog! So this is an invitation for you to join us with your dog/dogs and at the same time help us toRead more

Siggiewi Dog Walk

Posted at Jan 10, 2013

  On Sunday 18 th November 2012 a dog walk in aid of The Island Sanctuary Malta was organized in the Girgenti area, Siggiewi, thanks to the initiative of a group of enthusiastic people from Siggiewi. Grey clouds and a chilly wind did not deter a good number of dog lovers who gathered in frontRead more