[li]How much does a dog cost to get a dog from your Sanctuary?[/li]

We do NOT sell dogs – we only “give” them to people  who are ready to give them a good home, but we ask for a donation – which goes to help us run the Sanctuary.

[li]Do you have puppies? I want to adopt a puppy since he’s more playful and he’ll get to know us better.[/li]

Most of our dogs age are 6months and over, this is because most people get a dog since he is small and cute but once they reach 3 – 4 months they start to grow and they aren’t cute anymore. This is why we recommend getting an older dog, you’ll know there temperment, their size they will pass the stage of teething and crying. When getting a dog which is 6months and older you’ll know what you’ll be getting.

[li]I don’t want to spay or neuter my dog. Can I still adopt a dog from the Island Sanctuary?[/li]

No, all dogs have to be neutered thats the sanctuary’s policy to reduce the number of strays in Malta and Gozo

[li]If there is an injured dog what shall I do?[/li]

Call the Animal Welfare they have a 24hr ambulance for injured animals no 25904132

[li]There is a stray dog near my home, what shall I do?[/li]

Unfortunately that is a common phone call we receive everyday, ask around maybe he\she is lost so wait for at least a day before taking him in or moving him to a different place. In the meantime leave a bowl of water and food nearby maybe where there is shelter.

[li]A member of my family passed away recently and they had a dog which we cannot keep can you help us?[/li]

Yes, we have a waiting list at the moment where they can be admitted once it’s there turn. Our PRO will give you more details once you call on 21659895