Posted at Jul 10, 2013

For the Fund Raising Committee, the dog walk was a first timer, so as this was something new, we didn’t know what the outcome would be!

The date was set for Sunday the 28th April 2013 and preparations started. It is amazing what a lot of work is involved when organizing such events but being a good

team and with the help and support of the volunteers and family, all was managed well.

That week started with very threatening weather, a bit of everything I would say, which lasted till the day before the event, but Thank God the weather that day was simply perfect for a nice spring walk in the beautiful surroundings of the sanctuary in Marsaxlokk!

The turnout was fantastic! People were at the door well before the time, so we started registering the participants as early as we could. Those who didn’t have their own dogs walked some of the sanctuary dogs.  In this case there were so many who wanted to do so that we decided to allow other dogs to go out.  So our dear Timmy went out of the sanctuary for the first time!  He was so excited and so good! He enjoyed every minute of it! To distinguish the sanctuary dogs from the other ones a yellow ribbon was tied to their leads and they looked ever so sweet! After registering, the participants took a photo that competed in a photo competition on the sanctuary facebook page.

Bottles of water were prepared for the dogs, although the majority of the owners, who were all very responsible, had their own.  The bottles were filled by sweet Nicholas, Claudette’s son, who so carefully rinsed them all to make sure that all were clean.

The walk started practically as scheduled, from the sanctuary up to the Xrobb L-Ghagin Park, which happened to have an Open Day, in and out of it and returned back to the sanctuary. The older dogs tended to stop for a while to have a rest but the young ones were ever so eager to be first back!:-)

It was so nice to see the large number

of dogs, all well disciplined and obedient, walking in a very orderly manner and  all seemed so happy that they were doing something to help their less fortunate friends!

At the end of the walk, there was water, tea/coffee and biscuits for the adults and milkshake and savoury snacks for the children.  Of course, how could we forget the dogs!:-) We had treats for them too!

It seems now that the Dog Walk will be a yearly event on our calendar, just like our Open Day, which incidentally this year, will be falling on Sunday 6th October, so please note this date down in your diary, to make sure you don’t miss it !:-)

This fund raising Dog Walk raised the nice sum of Eur625.

The 1st prize in the photo competition went to Ms. Julia Theuma with Jack, the 2nd prize went to Ms. Bridget Zerafa with Oscar and the 3rd prize went to Ms. Elaine Mizzi with Poppy, as per photos.

Our thanks go to  Ms. Veronica Debattista from Messrs. Francis Busuttil & Sons (Marketing) Ltd., St. Venera, and Ms. Denise Grima from Glad Enterprises, Naxxar, and to the Cibau/Matisse agents , who donated the prizes for the dogs.  Mr. Jesmond Vella from Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands,  Ms. Lisa Cassar Domenici from La Dolce Vita, Zejtun  and Mr. James Perry from The Institute of Tourism Studies, St. Julians, who donated prizes for the walkers.

We would also like to thank the photographer Ms. Krista Aquilina for the superb photos,  Mr. Nigel Borg Cardona and Ms. Marylise Camilleri from Messrs. Borg Cardona Co. Ltd., for the dog treats, Ms. Jo-Ann Bajada from Sewing Centre for the yellow ribbon to distinguish the sanctuary dogs, Ms. Tania Spiteri from The Consolidated Biscuit Co. Ltd., for the biscuits and savoury snacks and Ms. Nathalie Tanti from The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd., for the drinking water.

Thank you  also to Mr. Duncan Hall obo The M’Xlokk Local Council, who are always ready to help and support us.

A great big Thank you to all those who participated and to all the volunteers who helped, but a special Thank you to the Sunday Volunteers, as they have no easy task to carry on with their work during these Fund Raising Activities that always fall on a Sunday!

God Bless all of you who in one way or another helped to make this event such a huge success!


obo The Island Sanctuary Fund Raising Committee.