Happy Endings for Cotton, Eclair and Winston


Eclair cr


Cotton was running in the streets at the old age of 10. She had tangled, matted fur full of fleas and ticks. But that all changed when  she was picked by Animal Welfare and came to Island Sanctuary. We helped her to find a loving home. A kind middle aged couple fell in love with the little teddy bear face and decided to adopt her and give her, her last few years in a comfortable home.
Eclair is only 2 years old and she also was living on the streets before Animal Welfare rescued her. She had no chip and no collar. She came to Island Sanctuary and it didn’t take her long to find a nice loving family.






Winston had been living at Animal welfare for the last 3 years. We wanted to help Winston to find a loving home too. A home was found for him in the U.K. and we made all the necessary arrangements for Winston to go to his new home. He is now living happily ever after with his new family.