Zoya reunited with Owner after two years at Sanctuary

Zoya reunited with ownerMost of the dogs admitted to the Island Sanctuary are strays. Once they settle down, the sanctuary must seem like heaven to them – they are safe, have good food, shelter, company, freedom – and, above all, love and attention from the sanctuary volunteers. Dogs that come from ‘good’ homes, however, do not have it easy! One such dog was Zoya – given up by her family two years ago. Zoya never really settled down – she loved volunteer Claudia with all her heart, but the other volunteers were not so lucky! Over time, she learnt to tolerate most of the volunteers, though there were a few volunteers who were not safe around her! The future looked bleak for her – how could we ever find a home for her?  Unlike all the other dogs, Zoya often seemed sad – she missed one very special person from her old home – Jonathan! The feeling was mutual, as Jonathan himself dreamt of getting his own home, and taking Zoya back with him. It was never Jonathan’s decision to give up on his beloved dog, but when the house you live in is not your own, it’s the owner who calls the shots! Eventually, his dream was fulfilled, and Jonathan asked if he could have his dog back. Sanctuary policy states that no dog is ever returned to the family who give him up – but this time we could not deny Zoya her only chance of happiness! Basically, we let her decide what she wanted – and when Jonathan turned up at the sanctuary, the rapturous welcome she gave him was all the proof we needed! Indeed, we had never seen Zoya so happy – her tail wagging like crazy – and a doggy grin on her face – she had all the volunteers in tears! Regular updates – and photos – from Zoya in her new home confirm what a wise decision we made – and reassure us that , with Jonathan, she has found her forever home!