Island Sanctuary Open Day

Posted at Sep 30, 2014

Another year has passed and once again the time has come to celebrate
the Feast of St. Francis, and therefore we will be holding our Open Day
on Sunday 5th October 2014, which will end with Mass. This day is also
a means of raising funds so that we can carry on with our work and be 
able to give the best to our dear dogs and also enable us to cope with
other expenses that arise during the year.

This year we have decided to do some cooking as well. There will be
veggie burgers and beef burgers, Ftira biz-zejt, Fat Free Healthy
Bread and if you have a sweet tooth, there will be cup cakes and cakes
for sale. There will also be Water, Tea, Coffee and Biscuits.

For the children there will be a Bouncy Castle and Face Painting, so
that you will be able to go round the Bookshop, Bazaar and Pet Shop at
your leisure whilst the children are having fun! Then go round the
sanctuary and see our residents, who knows, perhaps one of them will
catch your eye and you’ll make him/her part of your family!!!!:-) All of
them are longing to find their forever home!!!

So all you cooks, have a break on Sunday 5th October and come and have
something to eat and enjoy a day out at the sanctuary, then at the end
THANK GOD FOR HIS CREATION. Remember, all those who will be attending
Mass are invited to bring their pets along and after Mass all pets
present will be blessed and a token given to the families attending the

So see you there!

Those of you who are unable to come but would like to help can do so by
sending an sms on:

50617368 – Eur2.33
50618082 – Eur4.66
50618935 – Eur6.99

Island Sanctuary Open Day 2014

Island Sanctuary Open Day 2014